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What is the difference between Sending, Sending Inactive and Parked domains?

The number of sending domains you can have depends on the EasyDMARC product plan you purchase. For instance, the Plus plan allows for two sending domains to be active at a time. However, you can have unlimited parked domains on your account.

Sending domains make use of all benefits our platform offers, such as aggregated reports, failure reports, EasySPF etc. On the other hand, parked domains only have access to our tools and we will only collect and show threat/unknown email traffic in the aggregated reports section.

By default, parked domains should not be sending any emails and the DMARC policy should be set to p=reject.

You can also change the domain status from parked to sending and vice versa whenever you wish, as long as you have a free slot in your plan for sending domains.

Note that all domains that you were managing under our free plan are automatically merged with your main organization and their status is changed to parked.

Sending Inactive it’s a status that domain gets when you downgrade to a free or lower plan and you reach the limit of Sending domains that are allowed within your plan. The remaining domains will be marked as inactive and in order to add them as Sending, you have to either upgrade to a higher plan or buy additional domain slots.