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What are the key features of EasyDMARC?

Every feature in EasyDMARC is designed to enhance your email security, and our team carefully evaluates use cases to develop the features required to meet your needs. Key features include DMARC reporting, EasySPF, and Alerts.

DMARC reporting provides you with valuable visibility into your email infrastructure. It serves as a crucial and initial step towards optimizing email security and deliverability. By analyzing the reports, you can gain insights into your email ecosystem and identify any authentication issues or vulnerabilities.

EasySPF is another essential feature that helps you bypass the limitations of SPF (10 DNS Lookups). It provides a streamlined way to manage SPF records and maximize email deliverability.

The Alerts feature in EasyDMARC ensures that you stay up to date with any changes or anomalies within your email infrastructure. You receive timely notifications about any unauthorized email flows, changes in authentication status, or potential security threats. This proactive alert system allows you to take immediate action and maintain a secure email environment.