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Update your existing SPF Record to EasySPF's Provided Record


1. Access Your DNS Control Panel:

  • Log in to your DNS hosting provider's control panel using your credentials.
  • Locate the DNS management section or DNS settings.

2. Search and update The Current SPF Record

  • Search for the TXT record that has "@" or your root domain as its Name/Host and starts with the values “v=SPF1”

  • Once you've identified the TXT record, select the option to edit it.

3. Set the Value/Target:

  • Delete the current value then copy the new value obtained from your EasySPF portal and paste it into the Value/Target section

    Note: Don't copy and paste the value in the screenshot. Yours will be targeted specifically for your own domain.

4. Save the Record:

  • After defining your SPF Record, save the TXT record.

DNS changes may take some time to propagate across the internet. Be patient and allow some time for the SPF record to propagate and for EasySPF to activate.