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Dashboard is locked. How to manage.

Total number of Sending domains in the organization is more than your current plan allows.

The Change

After the recent update to EasyDMARC's Account Management, there are important changes to note:

Previously, the EasyDMARC Free tier allowed multiple domains as long as the total monthly volume did not exceed 10,000. Now, users are limited to one plan per organization, and the open "Free" tier has been discontinued.

We have introduced a new "Parked" status. Non-sending domains can be set to "Parked" status and remain on the "Free" tier. Any other sending domains must be assigned to a specific plan.

Domains with "Parked" status can only track "Threat/Unknown" DMARC aggregate reports. This helps monitor fraudulent email attempts on non-sending domains.

Here's how these changes will impact you based on your current plan:

  • Free Plan: You can have one domain with a monthly volume cap of 10,000. Exceeding this limit will lock your dashboard.
  • Plus Plan: You can have up to two domains assigned to your Plus plan, with volume limits based on your Plus volume size (100k, 1M, or Unlimited). Additional domains will be marked as "inactive" and have the "Parked" status activated.
  • Premium Plan: You can have up to four domains assigned to your Premium plan, with volume limits based on your Premium volume size (100K, 1M, or Unlimited). Additional domains will be marked as "inactive" and have the "Parked" status activated.
  • Enterprise/Custom Plan: You can have "x" domains or Unlimited assigned to you by your Account Executives. If you are uncertain about the domain volume, you can conveniently check it in your EasyDMARC profile. Any domains exceeding your plan's allocation must be designated with the "Parked" status.

Current Users

We’ve heard many feedback from our customers that they are currently seeing this once they Sign in EasyDMARC.

What does it mean? 

If you are on the “Free” tier and have multiple domains, you will see this warning.

How to solve it?

  • Mark all your domains as “Parked”. But take into consideration that by doing that you won’t be able to track every DMARC aggregate report. You will only have access to “Threat/Unknown” tabs
  • If you have 2 domains, you can purchase our Plus tier
  • If you have 4 domains, you can purchase our Premium tier
  • If you have 4+ domains, you can discuss with our Sales for a Custom plan


If you are already a paid customer (either Plus, Premium or Enterprise), you will see this warning if your added domains exceeds your available domain threshold.

How to solve it?

  • Check your available domain tier from your profile. For example, if you have 10 domains added and you have Premium package, that means that you can only have 4 domains assigned to your Premium package, while the other 6 domains must be labeled as “Parked”
  • Contact our Sales if you need to increase your domain count with your current package

Changing the Status

Changing the status of your domains to fit in your current plan is pretty straightforward.

  • “Check” or Select”  all the domains that you want to change the Status

  • Click on “Change Type”
  • Update the Domain Status either “Sending” or “Parked”

With this, you will be able to apply your plan on your sending domains, while marking others as “Parked”. This will help you keep using our platform to leverage your email security.