OneLogin SSO Setup

In your OneLogin Admin portal, click on Applications -> Add App -> SAML Test Connector (Advanced) and click on Save (Optional: Change the App Display Name to EasyDMARC)


Click on Configuration from the left side, then select More Actions from the top right and download the Metadata XML 


Once the XML is download head back to your EasyDMARC SSO Setup page and upload the file:


Copy both the Entity ID and Assertion URL (Fully) and paste them into Onelogin like the screenshot below:

Important Notes


Lastly, go to the Parameters tab, and add new Fields with:
IMPORTANT NOTE: “Field Name” values are case sensitive, and should be applied with the exact format listed below:

Field Name: firstName
Check the Include in SAML assertion

Click Save

Input Value: First Name


Do the same process by adding other Fields with:

Field Name: lastName

Check the Include in SAML assertion

Input Value: Last Name


Field Name: email

Check the Include in SAML assertion

Input Value: Email


Your final result should look like this:


… and that’s it. You can now start logging in into your EasyDMARC portal by using your OneLogin’s SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)