Okta SSO Setup

Login to your Okta admin portal, Applications -> Create App Integration 


Choose SAML 2.0 and click on Next

In General settings, input the App Name (Optional: EasyDMARC) and click on Next

Under “Configure SAML” tab, type in:
Single sign-on URL: https://easydmarc.com

Audience URI (SP Entity ID): https://easydmarc.com

Click on Next, and Finish

After this, you will get this window where you can see the Metadata URL


Copy the Metadata URL, and from your EasyDMARC Security portal enter the information that you’ve obtained from the previous screenshot and click on Save

EasyDMARC will provide you an Entity ID & Assertion Consumer Service URL (Single Sign On URL) that you need to update in your Okta

Copy above information, head back to your Okta > General > Paste the information as seen in the screenshot


1. Single sign-on URL is Assertion Consumer Service URL

2. Audience URl (SP Entity ID) is Entity ID

3. Entity ID must be setup as https://uac.easydmarc.com/realms/easydmarc

Under ATTRIBUTE STATEMENTS, add these statements:

Name: firstName

Value: user.firstName

Name: lastName

Value: user.lastName

Name: email

Value: user.email


Click on Next, and Save

The final step is to set the Assignments to let your Users sign in to EasyDMARC

After performing the change, head back to your EasyDMARC login portal, type in your email address and you will be automatically sign in to dashboard with SP-initiated SSO.

After the successful login, you can start logging to your EasyDMARC account directly from your Okta IdP.