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How does EasyDMARC protect my domain from email spoofing?

EasyDMARC provides effective protection against email spoofing for your domain. It achieves this by offering a comprehensive set of capabilities.

Firstly, EasyDMARC allows you to easily visualize and understand your DMARC reports. These reports provide detailed insights into the authentication status of your email sources, enabling you to identify any potential spoofing attempts.

Secondly, EasyDMARC provides step-by-step guidance on how to address underlying issues with your email sources. It assists you in identifying sources that fail authentication and offers recommendations on how to rectify these issues, ensuring that only legitimate emails are sent on behalf of your domain.

Lastly, EasyDMARC advises you on how to enforce your DMARC policy to Reject. By gradually implementing this policy, you can block unauthorized use of your domain and significantly reduce the risk of email spoofing attacks.

With these capabilities, EasyDMARC empowers you with the necessary tools, guidance, and advice to protect your domain from email spoofing.