How can I convert my logo to BIMI-compatible SVG format?

To convert a logo to a BIMI-compatible SVG format, you will need to use graphic design software or an online tool that is capable of exporting images in SVG format. This may include programs like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or Canva, among others. Once you have your logo open in the design software, you will need to make sure that it meets the requirements for BIMI compatibility. These requirements include: The logo must be a square, with the width and height both set to 512 pixels The logo must be saved as a scalable vector graphic (SVG) file The logo must not contain any animation or interactivity The logo must be saved with an aspect ratio of 1:1 The logo must be saved in a publicly accessible location, such as a web server or cloud storage provider. After you have made sure that your logo meets these requirements, you can save it as an SVG file and use it for BIMI. Additionally, you can use automated tools such as EasyDMARC's BIMI SVG Logo Converter to ease up the process.