Google Workspace SSO Setup

1. Open your EasyDMARC SSO Portal:

2. From your Google Workspace Admin console, open Apps -> Web and mobile apps

3. Add App -> Add custom SAML app 

4. Type App Name as “EasyDMARC” and add Icon (Optional)

5. Download IdP Metadata file

6. Head back to your EasyDMARC SSO portal and upload the downloaded Metadata XML file and click on Save

7. Paste the provided Entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service URL from your EasyDMARC SSO Portal to Google Workspace 
Additionally, input Name ID format as EMAIL, and Name ID as “Basic Information > Primary email”

Important Note: Entity ID must be set as

8. Add Attributes 
First name -> firstName 
Last name -> lastName 
Primary email -> email

9. Once you Finish adding all the details, make sure that EasyDMARC App is ON for everyone (or for any specified users)

10.  Wait for up to 15 minutes, and then click on “Test SAML Login” 

11. Congrats, you’ve activated EasyDMARC SSO for your Google Workspace