Azure SSO Setup

After logging into your Azure portal, go to Home>Enterprise applications and create a New application

Click on Create your own application, enter the Name, and select Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery (Non-gallery), and click on Create

Click on Setup single sign on -> SAML

Download the Metadata XML or copy App Federtion Metadata Url

From your EasyDMARC Security portal, enter the information that you’ve obtained from the previous screenshot (either downloading the XML or copying the URL), and add the information

After clicking Save, you will be prompted with both Entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service URLs

Back in your Azure portal, search for Basic SAML Configuration, and click on Edit

Enter the information from that you’ve obtained within your EasyDMARC portal (Entity ID & Assertion Consumer Service UR) on Azure’s Basic SAML Configuration and click on Save

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Identifier (Entity ID), make sure to just set it as

Go to Users and groups, and Add user/group - Make sure to add any users who should have SSO access to EasyDMARC, including the administrator user with which you are currently logged into Azure AD

And it’s done!

Now, you can head back to, enter your email address, and click on “Sign in”. The system will automatically redirect you to your Microsoft page so you can link your account with Azure IdP. After linking, you can start signing to EasyDMARC with directly from your IdP (Azure).